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Working through addiction is no small feat nor is it the same for everyone. Be it sugar, alcohol, sex or fast food, addiction starts at a very young age for many of us and/or has evolved as we got older; its home, it's what suppresses or enhances our emotions. 


When it comes down to healing ourselves, we must forget what we know because we know nothing, we’ve learned to identify with the illusion and the only way to disassociate with this identity is by awakening. Healing draws to the surface what we subconsciously suppress and when we allow our feelings to teach us something we once ignored; we’ll no longer be unconsciously driven by them.  


The Healing Junkie believes herbs plays a large and important role in this healing process because they promote natural functions of the body and strengthens from within. 


  1. Understand the cause of our sickness; physical, emotional and spiritual. 

  2. Understand the positive aspect of sickness; it informs us of our resistance and our imbalance and it provides a focal point for discovering all the negative energies we've cultivated.  

  3. Understand that health is a reflection of ourselves, our environment, our experiences, our associations and our food. 

  4. Define a goal or purpose for our healing.  

  5. Use meditation and breathing exercises as a tool for healing. 

  6. Surrender to our deepest wisdom and implement positive alternatives that may help. 

  7. Understand our healing will be different from our neighbor's. 

  8. Forgive yourself and others. 

  9. Protect, honor and take care of our vessel. 

  10. Heal thyself. 



Share your healing story, give a testimony, ask question or just spark a

conversation with someone here in the community.

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