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What is iridology?

The iris is connected to every organ and tissue by way of the brain and nervous system; both, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are present in the iris.


Nerve fibers in the iris respond to changes in body tissues by manifesting a physiological reflex/markings in the iris that corresponds to specific tissue changes and location.  

Iridology does not diagnose instead, it reveals an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, inflammation, where it is located and in what stage it is manifesting.

Why would I want to do an iridology reading?

To be properly aware of our health level, we must know where our weak tissues are located. 


Not only do they enable us to bring images of the outside world in, but they also show indicators of what is within, to the outside. The eyes (irises) are a mirror of the body,. 

If you are interested in learning more about your personal imbalances, I'd suggest an iridology reading.

What's included?

  • 20 page written analysis report of everything seen in your iris

    • Constitution + level of resiliency

    • Types of markings and their meaning

    • Specific body regions where markings are found

    • Colors and their meaning• degree of tissue degeneration

  • Analysis of high priority areas and potential root causes

  • Annotated iris photos highlighting areas of weakness

  • Herbal, dietary + lifestyle recommendations to support healing and cellular regeneration

  • Video summary of findings


STEP 1 :

Fill out the orange form. 

STEP 2 :

Attach a clear image of your left and right eye. I've included a sample for reference. Here is a video of how to capture detailed images of your eyes using your phones camera: Taking a Picture of Your Iris Guide

STEP 3 :

Agree to terms then click, 'Submit Request'.


STEP 4 :

Once you complete the form, 'Submit Request', all of your information and photos will be forwarded to Detox Specialist and Iridologist, Tori Vargas.

STEP 5 :

Submit $237 payment directly to Tori via Venmo using, @detoxtori. Venmo may ask for the last 4 digits of her phone number (to verify) which is: 0888. 

Note: Payment must be completed before Tori will start your reading/analysis. 


STEP 6 :

Detox Specialist and Iridologist, Tori will forward your completed analysis to the email provided in the form.


Please allow a 3-week turnaround after booking. 


Tori Vargas
Regenerative Health Practitioner + Iridologist

Instagram: DetoxTori

Upload Left Eye
Upload Right Eye

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.







Type of parasite

Precancerous indications

Blood circulation/blood quality

Absorption levels of vital nutrients

Deficiency for vitamins' and minerals

Hyper/hypoactivity of organs/glands

Functioning level of all 12 systems

Organ and system weaknesses

Calcification of blood levels and cholesterol

Toxicity levels of various bodily systems



Eye disorders

Blood cholesterol levels

Blood sugar levels

Level of candida activity

If disease is present in the body

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