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Take care of, respect and protect our planet with sustainable practices. We strive to keep our personal commitment to the sustainability of the environment. At The Healing Junkie we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by using materials with high recyclable content and we aspire to transform this “disposable” society to a sustainable one. Check out our Jar Recycling Program.  

Provide Quality

Provide high quality, organic herbs. Because we believe that organic should be the only choice when it comes to our customers health and well-being, we are committed to sourcing from certified organic suppliers. We promise to only source organic options and to never use conventionally products regardless of price or profit. 

Build Awareness

Plant seeds of consciousness and awareness in those around us.  We all have the ability to make a difference in the world through our awareness and actions. We whole heartedly believe in the power of planting the seed; literally and figuratively.  

Give Back

The Healing Junkie believes we should live in vibrational alignment with love and hopes to inspire others to do the same by giving back. 

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