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We promise to only source organic or wild-harvested options and to never use conventionally products regardless of price or profit. We strive to keep our personal commitment to the sustainability of the environment.


Environment Friendly Packaging 

At The Healing Junkie we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by using materials with high recyclable content in the packaging and shipping of our products. 

  • Our jars are made from recyclable, BPA-free glass.

  • Our sample bags are made from recyclable paper stock. 

  • Our product labels are printed on either, Biostone paper or 100% recyclable paper stock. 


Jar Recycling Program

We are committed to creating an alternative approach to recycling and striving to transform this “disposable” society to a sustainable one. To encourage our customers to reduce their personal carbon footprint, we offer and incentive with our Jar Recycling program. Learn more here, Jar Recycling Program.  


Environment Friendly Facilities 

The Healing Junkie office ensures that every material that would normally end up in the landfill are repurposed or recycled. 

  • All office paper, press board, and scrap paper is recycled. 

  • All recycled jars are steam cleaned for re-use or recycled. 

  • All metal, plastic and paper are sorted for recycling. 

  • All used fruit and herbs are composted. 


We do not use any toxic cleaning products; instead we use homemade products using essential oils and castile soap.


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