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We are committed to creating an alternative approach to recycling and striving to transform this “disposable” society to a sustainable one. To encourage our members to reduce their personal carbon footprint, we offer and incentive with our Jar Recycling program.


Return 5 empty jars and we’ll give you 1 product of your choice, for free!

(Excludes Korean Ginseng tincture and all Tulsi (holy basil) products).

To return jars, you have 2 options:

1.  If you are local to Hollywood, FL, use the button below to schedule a drop-off.

2. For non-locals, click the link below to request shipping address.

Once jars are delivered, you will receive a code via email to use towards your next order. 

Keep in mind, the discount will apply only to the lowest priced item in your cart. No minimum order required.


Our goal is to recycle 100 jars every year. Join us on our mission!


Melissa -25

Gabi -10

Sukii - 7

Valeria -5

Steve - 5

Zwade - 5

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