Nori Sushi Roll with Walnut Paté + Cilantro Sauce

Updated: May 14, 2020


1 wrap

4 California figs

¼ large portobello mushrooms cut in strips

¼ cucumber cut in strips

¼ red pepper cut in strips

¼ plum tomato

¼ cups sunflower sprouts

½ cup baby arugula  

Cayenne pepper 

Sesame seeds

Celtic sea salt to taste


1 cup walnuts

½ cup sun dried tomatoes

2 tsp oil

1. Combine walnut pate ingredients in food processor and process until you achieve a crumbled texture.

2. Chop vegetables. 

3. Assemble wrap with arugula, veggies and figs. Top with walnut pate. Wrap and enjoy.


1 ½ cup unsalted cashews (soak in water for 1 hours)

¾ cup non- dairy milk (add more to achieve desired consistency)

1 cup cilantro leaves

2 garlic cloves

1 lime juiced

1 tsp Celtic sea salt

1 tsp garlic powder 


1. Add cashews in a bowl with boil by water. Soak for 1 hour

2. Drain and rinse

3. Add all ingredients into a food processor or blender

4. Store in mason or glass jar. Shelf life is about 5 days refrigerated

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