The Collection Box

The Collection Box


All herbs are sourced from sustainable and 100% organic suppliers.


What's included:

4oz, Garlic-Ade oxymel 

2oz, Oatstraw tincture

1oz, Schisandra Berry tincture

1oz, Breathe Easy, RT vapor rub

1oz, Prana tea

Homeostasis, 60 vegan capsules

Palo Santo, 1 stick for burning



* Items CANNOT be substituted.

** All items in bundle must be returned for a full refund.

  • Garlic-Ade oxymel

    Garlic-ade is formulated to support the immune and digestion system. Helping to break up stagnation, increase flow, gently detox, comfort and provides a boost of vitamin C.


    SUGGESTED USE: Take a spoonful for a cough, take a dropperful in hot tea or water, use as a vinaigrette on a salad, add to carbonated water for an herbal fizzy drink or use as a gargle for sore throat.


    Oatstraw tincture

    Oatstraw helps to calm and nourish the nervous system. She is filled with vitamins and minerals, supports brain function and sleep and helps to counter the effects of stress and anxiety.


    Some people with severe gluten sensitivity or allergies should avoid oatstraw. However, typically oatstraw can be tolerated by people with gluten sensitivities.

    SUGGESTED USE: Dilute dosage into water/juice or simply drop under tongue. Follow up with 8oz of water.

    Schisandra Berry tincture

    Schisandra helps to support healthy liver and kidneys function and strengthens the cardiovascular, nervous, immune and respiratory systems. Use with caution if taking medications.


    SUGGESTED USE: Dilute dosage into water/juice or simply drop under tongue. Follow up with 8oz of water.


    Breathe Easy, RT vapor rub

    Breathe Easy, RT makes it easier to breathe, relieve chest/nasal tightness and congestion, open airways and helps to soothe coughs.


    SUGGESTED USE: Apply a modest amount on skin and gently massage into muscles or chest. OK for children over 5 years old. KEEP AWAY FROM EYES. If irritation occurs, dilute with coconut oil.


    Prana tea

    Prana is formulated to help improve overall lung health by increasingcirculation to the lungs and expelling mucus from the mucus membranes. In addition to fighting off respiratory infections, this formula helps soothe irritated lungs and reduce inflammation. 


    Great aid for smokers and those suffering from lung ailments. Not recommended for pregnant woman. 




    Homeostasis supports overall health of the digestive and lymphatic system. In addition to providing all 102 essential minerals, Homeostatis helps to regulates bowels, strengthen joints and tissues, improve thyroid function, suppress the appetite and remove excess mucus and heavy metals from the body.

    Take 2 capsules daily. 


    Palo Santo 

    Traditionally used for spiritual purification, burning Palo Santo creates an uplifting and pleasant smell that enhances creativity and helps to clear out negative energy.

  • Plants can be powerful allies, when used responsibly.

    Although most herbal preparations are safe and effective, it is important to note that there may be potential side effects (allergies) and individual results may vary. Creating a relationship with their vital energy plays a large role in the symbiotic partnership toward healing and physical well-being.

    There is no way to know any particular body will react to any substance. When you are taking herbs, you are your own primary care giver and you must be vigilant of your own health.  Consult with an herbalist or primary care provider and do your research, so that you can become an knowledgable and compassionate caretake of your own body.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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